Overland Water Coverage

Overland Water Coverage

JDR Insurance Aviva Canada is pleased to offer overland water protection for residential property owners and tenants in Alberta. JDR Insurance is among the first brokerages in Alberta to make Overland Water Protection accessible and affordable for our customers.

Overland water protection responds to losses that result from the accumulation or run-off of surface waters, including torrential rainfall when water enters the property. Owners or tenants can add this coverage to existing house, condo, rental property, seasonal property or secondary property policies, that have sewer back-up protection.

Overland water

Protection for loss or damage related to water entering your property, from the sudden accumulation of water after heavy rains, spring run-off, or overflow of lakes and rivers.

View this video from our partner Aviva which contains information on Aviva’s overland water coverage and water protection tips.

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