Our goal is to ensure you are saving as much money as possible without sacrificing the right coverage to protect you and your assets. Any changes to your business, home, vehicles, or assets warrants a reassessment of  your insurance coverage. Contact us today for a no-cost comprehensive insurance review and and be confident you are capitalizing as much insurance savings as possible.

Ensure you have applied for all the discounts you qualify for
Different clients can qualify for insurance discounts specific to their individual situation. A JDR Insurance broker will  ensure you have all the applicable discounts which could include: mature, multi-policy, experienced driver, and multi-vehicle just to name a few. Speak to one of our insurance brokers today to review your policies and ensure you have all the cost saving discounts you are entitled to.

Insure your home and all your vehicles with the same insurance company
By doing this you are able, in most cases, to qualify for multi-line and/or multi-vehicle discounts. This can save you up to 40%.

Raise your deductible
Save up to 20% on your home insurance by increasing the deductible (the amount you pay in the event of a loss) from $500 to $1000. Think about how many claims you’ve had in the past and compare the amount of those claims, if any, to the possible 20% savings each year on your home insurance. You can also save approximately 13% on your collision coverage for your auto insurance by increasing the deductible from $500 to $1000.

Consider deleting glass coverage on your automobile insurance
Glass coverage for most new vehicles is approximately $110 – 150 a year with a deductible of $250 in the event of a claim. Considering that most North American windshields cost around $250 – $300 to replace, it does not make much financial sense to insure the glass. Even with the SEF13d – Limitation of Glass Coverage, your side and back windows are covered in the event of theft or attempted theft. Glass coverage can be purchased at a much more reasonable rate through AMI – Autoglass Maintenance Inc.

Does your vehicle require collision coverage?
Consider the value and age of the vehicle versus the annual collision premium. Before submitting a small claim, consider the possibility that doing so may increase your premiums Most auto insurers provide “accident forgiveness” on the first at fault loss in 6 years; however, a second at fault loss during a 6 year period will definitely affect your premiums.

Be sure to contact us about the ramifications of making a small claim.
Cancellation or non-renewal could result after a frequency of claims, placing you in the facility or non-preferred market. Making a claim on your property insurance could result in losing your “claim free” discount.  Remember that personal belongings stolen from a vehicle are covered under your property insurance policy, not your auto policy. Also, a vehicle in your garage is covered solely on your auto policy, with no coverage on your home policy. Don’t cut back on the important coverages Make sure you have replacement cost on your home or tenants insurance policy. A minimum of $1,000,000 liability coverage is recommended on your home and auto policies. Electing for lower limits can hurt you in the event of a loss because the cost of replacing them with items could be more than you would receive.